Sea Foam Platter - Large

Sea Foam Platter - Large

  • $48.00


The Sea Foam range features textured stoneware clay, with a satin white glaze. The glaze highlights the natural beauty of the clay and is reminiscent of white sea foam on the tips of waves as they flow over the sandy beach. 

This platter measures approximately 2 cm high and 26.5 cm wide.  NOTE: This piece has been discounted due to a firing defect.  The base of this platter is not entirely flat, but is still beautiful and functional. Normal Price: $78.00 Discounted Price: $48.00

Each piece is handmade on a pottery wheel, and have their own unique features. No two pieces are ever the same.

Colours and finishes: We have taken care to accurately describe and photograph each piece on our website, however actual colours may vary from those displayed on monitors and phones. Due to the nature of handmade pieces, kiln firing variances and clay composition may cause subsequent variances between the finish of each piece. Please feel free to contact us for further information.