Our Story

Launched in 2015, Little Charlie Wheeler produces modern farmhouse bespoke ceramics. Each piece is handmade by designer and maker, Rebecca Harding. Having served in the Australian Military for over 10 years, and a Registered Nurse, Rebecca found ceramics to be an outlet for 'me-time', after having her son. Growing up in central Queensland, Rebecca is attracted to farmhouse style, and simplicity. The name, 'Little Charlie Wheeler' was inspired from her own childhood, where Aussie slang was a part of every day speech. The term, 'charlie wheeler', means 'sheila' or 'girl', so little charlie wheeler means 'little girl'. It holds great fondness for Rebecca as it is a term her father uses. 'Wheeler' also denotes the pottery 'wheel', which Rebecca uses to create most of her ceramic pieces. Little Charlie Wheeler's studio is located in Snug, in beautiful Tasmania, just  20 minutes south of Hobart.